The Best Toys For Interactive Cam Shows!

Only recently, one of the best attractions of the webcam models and websites was the fact that the users could actually communicate with the model and ask her to do something particular specifically for them. This is an advantageous difference when compared to porn websites, where the users can only watch filmed videos and cannot change anything to make the content fit their preferences better.

However, today the users of voyeur cam platforms have delegated the power to actually interact with the webcam model in a new way, by controlling the sex toys used by the model. This is incredible, but if to think about it, the scheme is pretty simple. The model connects her items to the PC with special software. On her website page, the model sets price for different regimes of the toy, and also for different types of items. The clients that order a private show with her pay a certain amount and therefore get the control over the toy, meaning control over the sensations the reactions the model gets.

However, to make such shows really exciting and high quality, the models should choose only the best products. Proper products should have several regimes, and connect to the PC properly.

Toys To Consider

The sex toys that meet the needed requirements are high quality, easily connect to the PC, have the software that can be updated, and have long battery life.

To opt for such products, the webcam models can check out the following brands:

  • Lovense;
  • Ohmibod.

Most girls state that Lovense is better, because their items can be activated both with tokens and with sounds, and can support different levels of intensity.

Lovense offers the following most popular products:

  • Nora;
  • Lush 2;
  • Hush;
  • Max;
  • Ambi;
  • Domi;
  • Osci;
  • Edge.

Moreover, if the client also has a proper toy, the client and the model can connect their toys to the PC at the same time and have a mutual masturbation session that will feel almost like real sex. This is an absolutely amazing innovation in the niche, and it may be even better than virtual reality porn, because, firstly, virtual reality devices cost much, much more than a sex toy, and secondly, the user still watches a filmed video, even if a very realistic one.

Models also prefer sex toys that can be controlled by the viewers because it gives more pleasure to the user and results in bigger tips for the girl. They should always invest in high-quality products because they are the ones who interact with the toys all the time. no one wants a low-quality item near their private body parts.

There are also other brands offering this type of items. The girl has to research the niche well and compare the offers, to opt for the best products on the market.