These Couples Are Broadcasting Their Entire Lives To The Internet

The voyeur cams are a popular type of entertainment today, when people are tired of plastic professionally filmed porn and want something real and alive, without acting and professional moaning. That is why there are so many amateur videos out there.

On the other hand, a lot of people have been getting a peep into somebody’s private life, and psychologists say this is a normal stage of development, both psychological, social, and sexual. Some people keep this passion for peeping for their whole life and even have a thing about it. Yet, it is generally illegal to spy on people, especially if one wants to see them in the bathroom or bedroom.

Love and mornings

So, little surprise the porn fans and voyeurs appreciate so much those willing amateurs who make home videos and upload them to the web, especially those where the person is supposedly unaware they are being filmed. Some amateurs try to behave like porn stars, moaning and showing all these ridiculous faces. But the majority behaves naturally, and this is the main advantage that keeps attracting the viewers to such type of content.

The reason is, people can relate; they feel the reactions are natural, and this makes such videos sexier than professional porn. But some amateurs really took this to the next level, and have their entire life streamed life online. Find out more about them.

Ten Couples To Watch

Basically, this project is very much alike to all reality TV shows; there are two main differences, though. Firstly, the TV show is limited in time, and you only see the most interesting parts collected by the cameramen. Secondly, no Tv reality show will show the participants in the bathroom, or while having sex. But the RealLifeCam does this!

The RealLifeCam project has hired ten couples that live in apartments monitored by cameras day and night. The people participating are paid, of course, and are totally aware they are monitored, so the consent is clear. They live their daily lives, solve everyday tasks and problems, and of course, they wash and have sex and all that stuff.

Anybody can go and watch these guys at any time; access to general cameras around the apartments is free of charge. The viewers have to pay only for access to those cameras in the bathroom and bedroom. This makes sense, of course.

Some believe this is a bit sick and society went crazy if people are willing to show their private life to the whole world for money. However, porn actors also show some private activities for money, and in the majority of countries, this is not considered a crime. The participants of the show mostly demonstrate how they cook, eat, sleep, and do some daily stuff; maybe this is not normal, but they do not offend anyone.

Plus, some viewers who have free of charge access to the cameras state they do not watch the project for the sake of peeping. The say, watching other real people living their real life, coping with everyday problems is very different from seeing all those successful folks on the social networks, and this calms the viewers down.